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Pre-view What’s in Store for You In Bulgaria

The Nation
Bulgaria is a Balkan nation located in southeastern Europe. It is situated along the Black Sea and bordered by Romania in the north, Greece and Turkey in the south and Serbia and Macedonia to west with its shorelines in the east.
Many cultures have been formed in these geographic site as history went by. The Roman Empire and and Ottoman Empire have ruled this land in ancient history.
Sites to Explore
Bulgaria has various natural geographical formations that can take your breath away. Various mountain populate its landscape like the snow-capped mountain of Pirin and the highest point in the Balkan Peninsula which is Musala.
Primorsko is a town located at the shoreline to the Black Sea and was declared a National Sea Resort in 1953. Visiting this seaside town would give you a glimpse to Neolithic navigation practices as stone anchors have been found in the waters near the area. Some Copper Age tools have also been discovered in the area.

Diverse cultures also manifest in the towns in this country. The old town on a hill located in Plovdiv features architectures from different eras. During its approximated 6,000 years of experience its building have different looks to them including a well preserved Roman amphitheater. Kopprivshtitsa is known for its rich historical significance as it is where local patriots planned to overthrow Ottoman rule. The site has museums to commemorate the battles of the April Uprising with old weapons on display.
The Rila Monastery is a sight to behold. This religious building has been destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries. From the colorful faced to the artsy interior this monastery is sure pleasing to the eye.
These wonderful things and more about the country of Bulgaria can be seen at It will give you a glimpse to what you will find and experience when you visit this beautiful Balkan nation.